Day 14-Happiness is … twits, idiots, & psychiatrists


Moments like this are possible at the unhappiest of times

“Often the greatest enemy of present happiness is past happiness too well remembered.”– Oscar Hammling 

I’d like to reminisce with strangers. I hear it takes a bit longer but it’s a unique experience. As I am still on self-quarantine I reminisced with myself.

“Happiness: it is not easy to find in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.”- Agnes Repplier 

Great lines I found in my journals…

(I think my favourite is the psychiatrists)

  • I am sitting at Portchester Castle at sunrise.
  • Then the custom’s agent said, “Everyone but you needs to sign their passports.” The twits hadn’t signed them yet!
  • Ever since he told me, “I read your diary and I am not happy,” I have not been able to relax when I write. 
  • For the time being, it is still morning.
  • How do you know when it’s time to push into the wind and get stronger, and when it’s time to use your strength to stand still and give in?
  • The problem with Marmite is…
  • This morning I am taking deep breaths of meaning from the air. I don’t understand them all but I am trying to relax into the rhythm.
  • Today is my 15th anniversary. There won’t be a 16th.
  • Our first guests were certainly different. The doctor was 81 and his friend was an idiot. They were both psychiatrists.
  • I read about common traits of writers today…it’s like discovering I already belong to a club that I never knew existed.
  • Yesterday I felt the first movement. I accidentally bumped my belly into the desk and someone bumped back.
  • I guess I’m scared to try because I don’t want to be mediocre.
  • She had a heart attack and I couldn’t save her. There are hours of writing in that sentence.
  • I kept saying, “You’re kidding,” but he turned on the radio and it was true.
  • It is the time of the stink bug.
  • I felt perfectly content in the realization that I was walking in one of my childhood dreams. It’s those moments that make memories.

Feel free to design your own stories around those gems 🙂

After the journals, I broke out the pictures. Recently I put a video collage together for my mum’s birthday. I did a similar one for my Dad a few years back. I now firmly believe that everyone should have their life set to music and have a personal photographer to document all these things you will otherwise forget.

Next I wrote about a fond memory. Choosing one became almost paralyzing. At first I couldn’t think of any.  “Don’t think of butterflies,” so instantly you have no choice, right? Well, “think of a fond memory,” had the opposite effect.

Eventually I did. They were all moments in my life when I felt I was exactly where I should be. I’m not sure I believe in that, but in those moments, I had to.

Random memories connected by a feeling…

  • wishing for a shooting star and getting one
  • a 3 day vacation from reality
  • the first time I fell in love
  • walking down the street and feeling a wave of contentment for no reason
  • jumping in a lake to start the day
  • penning a journal entry at a writer’s retreat while my toes dipped into a spring awakened creek, buttercups hung out next to me, and I let go of something I’d thought I couldn’t live without

The Shambles - ironic place to have a wave of contentment huh?

Random street where I actually had the wave of contentment

In each case time felt more co-operative, answers weren’t needed because there was no question, and I felt connected, whole.

If only we could live in those moments. Perhaps that is the sensation I long to feel more often. Reminiscing reminded me that they happen at all and left me feeling grateful.

The best part is that by publicly blogging this and by you reading it, I can honestly say I’ve reminisced with strangers.*

*(except I’ve been hogging the conversation. Leave your fond memories in the comments below or tell me if you plan to use one of my  journal entries to spark a story.)


So…it has come to this !

Today I do not agree with my opening quote (I’ll wait while you scroll up to reread it)

Instead I think today really is tomorrow’s yesterday and yesterday’s as a whole tend to seem so wonderful we wish we were still in them today. Learning to find the contentment in today that I know I’ll feel tomorrow, (before it becomes yesterday),  is the key.

Rating: Reminiscing day (8 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 4 out of 5 (didn’t require energy I don’t have right now but was worried I wouldn’t be able to think of a fond memory – I look back on that and laugh now….ahhh good times)
  • Twitch – didn’t look
  • Happy hour – 4 out of 5 (If I could have reminisced face to face with someone,it would have been 5…I guess I could have called someone…)

What the heck does all that mean, you ask? Click here to get to the ‘Happiness Is…?’ page. You’ll find out why I’m doing this and if you scroll towards bottom of the page you can read about the rating system.

Tomorrow: Opposite of nothing day. Use the calendar to view my happiness tasks for each day along with a brief description of the task and why I chose it.

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  1. The Problem with Nostalgia…when we think of the happiness of yesterday, it is skewed by our feelings of today. Was that past happiness a reality? Were we really that euphoric? Was life really that grande?..Or are we remembering the past through pink lenses…hoping, wishing, that those nice memories were that happiest we’ve ever been. Hmmm….

    There have been many wonderful events that I remember…but when I truly dissect those times..there were difficulties as well – conveniently pushed aside to enjoy the happiness. Perhaps the best is to find happiness in each of our days..our todays. Then we would be certain that our memories are not full of unwarrented nostalgia. Make the most of today.

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