Day 15-Happiness is … a unicorn stabbing


“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

Being stabbed by a unicorn while sucking an epidural would cure both, but it’s hardly likely to make me happy. *

Alternative: the ‘Flash on caffeine‘ routine. “I’ll be back before this banana can hit the ground… zoom! zoom! zoom!”  Instantly I’m imagining the Flash slipping on the banana and I’m giggling. Shhhh… no time for nonsense. Move down!  **

  • Happiness Task: Stay busy
  • Method: Plan out every second of the day & stick to the schedule
  • Motto: Procrastinators unite…tomorrow!

In exact opposition to ‘do nothing day’, this was about leaving no opportunities for unhappiness.

It does work, but it also results in a short blog.

I could have scheduled more time for blog writing, but there’s no time to change that now.

I love lists. Here is one I made for you:

I wrote a 6 most important things list. I got lots done. I haven’t written one for tomorrow yet. (Please refer to my motto.)  The good news is, I don’t need to write it… I’ve learned a new kind of list just for procrastinators.

What could possibly go wrong here?! Unless I slip on that banana.

It says, "Place sticker on forehead and smile."


So…it has come to this !

Failure to click to through some of these links will result in a unicorn slipping on a banana peel and accidentally stabbing someone you’ve never met while a mysterious stranger secretly moves the banana peel to another unicorn crossing and you anxiously nibble your toenails never knowing when it could be your turn to meet the unicorn.

What? Structure makes me rebel.

Rating: Stay busy day (5 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 2 out of 5 (structure is not my style – unless it’s as a structured procrastinator)
  • Twitch – yes
  • Happy hour – 3 out of 5 (pleased with amount I got done, served it’s purpose as I wasn’t unhappy, but not really enough time to feel happy)

What the heck does all that mean, you ask? Click here to get to the ‘Happiness Is…?’ page. You’ll find out why I’m doing this and if you scroll towards bottom of the page you can read about the rating system.

Tomorrow: Makeover. Use the calendar to view my happiness tasks for each day along with a brief description of the task and why I chose it.

* The idea for a unicorn stabbing came from SorryIamnotsorry. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

**(It is my unbirthday on Wednesday…I’ll be using the guide in that link I just added to ‘move down’.)


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  1. Ok, well none of that worked to embed an image into the comments. Not sure how/if WordPress blogs do it, but I don’t have the time to research it. It also seems I can’t go back and edit or delete my previous comments, so sorry for cluttering up your comments section – perhaps you can delete them as an administrator?

    • Well it didn’t work in the sense that you can’t just see the image directly in the comment. You have to click the link and open up the image in the hosting site.

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