Day 87 – Happiness is … a 5am wake up call


“Whoever has tasted the breath of morning knows that the most invigorating and most delightful hours of then day are commonly spent in bed; though it is the evident intention of nature that we should enjoy and profit by them.”” – Robert Southey

One of the most romantic moments of my life was a gentle nudging and a whispered coaxing on a summer morning… “if we hurry we can get to the top of the hill and watch the sunrise.”

Leaving the warm sheets did not make me happy. Catching the sunrise on the other hand was bliss.

Early bird gets the worm

Early bird gets the worm

I think the air is different at 5am. Any veteran early bird will agree that getting up early sucks; it’s the being up early that is magical.

It’s the muted sounds of a fresh snowfall no matter the time of year…  it’s the calm air of the world stopping for a moment so you can breathe… it’s the unique smugness that comes with being energized for the day at 7am while others are just starting a tango with their snooze button.

Study after study reveals that people who get up early are happier.

You may believe the wee hours have morning breath worse than a robin fresh fron the worm fields, but facts are facts.

Dr Joerg Huber of Roehampton University says, “There are morning people and evening people, and morning people tend to be healthier and happier as well as having lower body mass indices.”

Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project” claims that her resolution to get up earlier boosted her happiness.

On this day my wake up call was as romantic as a worm belch, but, none-the-less, I struggled unhappily out of the sheets at 5am for a 6am boot camp class. Just like starting a workout, I never want to do it until I’m done. Then I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it… and I breath in some magic as the world turns its face gently toward the sun with the promise of potential that only early morning can provide.


 Why is it so hard to start something we know will result in happiness?


So…it has come to this !

The early worm gets eaten. True, but at least he died happy 🙂

Rating:  Get Up Early Day (8 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 3 out of 5 (seemed like a great idea when I went to bed)
  • Twitch – it is not calm and still like the morning air
  • Happy hour –  5 out of 5 (I admit it…I’m a morning person)

What the heck does all that mean, you ask? Read Itchy Feet Explained.

Tomorrow: Shop.  Use the calendar to view my happiness tasks for each day along with a brief description of the task and why I chose it.


4 responses »

  1. Correlation or causation? Does getting up early make you a happier person, or are happier people likely to get up early? Certainly it would make sense that those who are looking forward to the next day will be more anxious to get it started.

  2. HA! I knew someone (you) would ask that – which is why I put in the Gretchen Rubin quote. Studies have also been done proving that the act of being up early does in fact result in greater happiness. It tends to decrease stress and depression and encourages breakfast to be eaten.

  3. “The muted sounds of snowfall no matter the time of year”. Really? What other time of year than winter can one expect the “muted sounds of snow”? Other than that, I enjoyed your contribution to literature.
    The business of early arising necessitates early to bed. Sufficient sleep is required to enjoy all that an early day has to offer. I highly recomend the crisp, clean air of the early hours as well as the peace and quiet.

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