Day 89 vs 106- Happiness is … discovering time travel


In order to combat the staggering out-of-dateness of my blog, I shall be writing two happiness tasks per blog. My present day task along side the next task I should be writing about. Eventually I’ll be up-to-date 🙂



Reading Day 89 – “Reading is bliss… Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” ~ Nora Ephron

The problem with reading a good book is that you read – and don’t do dishes… you read – and forget to pick up the kids from school… you read – and neglect work.

The problem with reading a bad book is that you end up not reading – and doing dishes… not reading – and becoming an unpaid chauffeur… not reading – and working.

It’s a classic catch 22. Long stretches without reading more than a magazine article or a facebook status enables more time for productivity but reduces the will to live. Reading books adds meaning to life but reduces the time available for facebook. A girl just can’t win!

In an attempt to have it all, I decided to read books in stolen moments. Reading texts at traffic lights is apparently illegal so I can only assume books are off limits as well. However, keeping a good book next to my cell phone means no more 2 year old magazines at the doctor’s office, no more boredom while waiting outside the school for the right child to appear, no more watching the pot for the water to boil.

time warp

time warp

While waiting at my daughter’s physiotherapists office (sans book) and reading 2 year old magazine headlines, I saw a shelf  that said, “free books’. I saw “The Time Travellers Wife’. I started reading.

It’s a good book; good enough that dinner keeps getting burned while I’m not watching the pot. That’s ok though because the kids hardly ever get home in time for dinner now that they have to walk…

Discover Day 106 – “The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.” ~ Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

If necessity is the mother of invention, avoidance is the mother of discovery.

Habit and routine happen. Habit and routine are comfortable. Change is uncomfortable so we avoid it. The only reason we change a habit or routine is if something causes them to become more uncomfortable than change. Because above all, people avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Avoiding people I didn’t want to see caused me to duck into a store I’ve never been into before. It turned out to be a hippyish coffee shop. Ironically I’ve been avoiding coffee shops in an attempt to not see certain people. But this was a coffee shop I felt sure the people I was avoiding would not frequent. So I stayed.

I discovered a great place for quiche. I discovered I do not like cinnamon on my chai latte. I discovered a shelf full of free books to read and a cozy couch hidden in the back. I discovered private curtained rooms with picnic table benches and mismatched cushions for tucked away chitchats with friends.

I discovered I’m uncomfortable with avoiding certain people but changing that habit isn’t necessary yet. In the meantime, I’m quite happy with the discovery of my new hideout 🙂

one of my favourite hideouts

one of my favourite hideouts


So…it has come to this !

Didn’t Bill and Ted use a phone box for time travel…

Rating:  Reading Day (7 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 3 out of 5 (serious concerns about being sucked into a good book and losing time)
  • Twitch – Read all about it!
  • Happy hour –  4 out of 5 (I love a good book)

Rating:  Discovery Day (6 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 2 out of 5 (the pressure of trying to discover something daunted me)
  • Twitch – if I could only discover a cure…
  • Happy hour –  4 out of 5 (I like the old coffee shop better but braving something new on my own made me happy)

What the heck does all that mean, you ask? Read Itchy Feet Explained.

Tomorrow: Sell Myself & Ski.  Use the calendar to view my happiness tasks for each day along with a brief description of the task and why I chose it.


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