Day 90 vs 107- Happiness is … flamingo impersonations


In order to combat the staggering out-of-dateness of my blog, I shall be writing two happiness tasks per blog. My present day task along side the next task I should be writing about. Eventually I’ll be up-to-date 🙂



Sell Myself Day 90 – “Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.”
– Henry Ford

Have you ever taken a balance test? Me either; so I made one up. While at a business promotion fair, I administered my test to countless children and a few brave adults. It involved one leg and closed eyes and was complete unscientific fun.

Once again, the task I set aside for happiness (in this case, promoting my business), brought some satisfaction, but it was the by-products that made me smile. My children helping to set up the display table and being actively involved in recruiting participants, networking with fellow business owners,  meeting the people who wanted to stand on one leg with their eyes closed.

It should be noted that children far, far outnumbered the adults in their willingness to try to test and possibly fail or look foolish. Children laugh 150-300 times per day. The average adult? A whopping 4-5 times. Children also tend to cry out loud when they are upset, but I’ll bet this openness to emotions of the moment is healthy.

So fall to the floor laughing or fall flat on your face while trying something new and failing. Either way, you’ll be happier.

My ‘take at your own risk’ balance test:

Eyes open – hold each stance for 15 seconds:

  • one leg
  • one leg & move arms around
  • one leg and get closer to the floor (reach hands down or squat)
  • switch legs
  • other leg & move arms around
  • other leg and get closer to the floor
  • switch back to original leg and CLOSE EYES
  • move arms around
  • get closer to the floor
  • switch legs EYES STILL CLOSED
  • move arms around
  • get closer to the floor

Tada! Laughter or failure or both = happiness in under 3 minutes. Bonus if performed in public.

Skiing Day 107 – “Money doesn’t buy happiness? Well it buys a jet ski. Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski? It’s impossible to be sad on a jet ski.” ~ unknown

winter ski fantasies

winter ski fantasies

Every 16 years I try downhill skiing.

The first time I tried it I hit a bus. The bus was parked and, of the two of us, I’m fairly certain I was more embarrassed.

The second time I tried it, I fell in love. Don’t get me wrong… I still believe winter is a complete waste of summer but if you can’t beat ’em… well you know. I hit the slopes, (literally), three times last year and even did my first accidental black run.

It was deep snow and moguls and every turn involved lifting one ski higher than my head while waving my arms and eventually falling on my face. (Tried my balance test yet?) I cried at one point because I thought I might actually die and laughed hysterically when I started aiming for small trees like they were buses.

This year I have decided 16 years is too long to wait for that kind of fun. Unfortunately, my day for skiing got postponed and so I Biebered this happiness task.


So…it has come to this !

“The problem with winter sports is that – follow me closely here – they generally take place in winter.”  ~ Dave Barry

Rating:  Sell Myself Day (6 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 3 out of 5 (I’m shy)
  • Twitch – I could sell tickets for the freak show
  • Happy hour –  3 out of 5 (Marketing is not my favourite thing)

Rating:  Skiing Day (7 out of 10)

  • Itchy feet – 5 out of 5 (Ticket was prepaid, friends were lined up, I was excited)
  • Twitch – if I could only discover a cure…
  • Happy hour –  2 out of 5 (Thoroughly disappointed it didn’t work out)

What the heck does all that mean, you ask? Read Itchy Feet Explained.

Tomorrow: Voyeurism and Panto.  Use the calendar to view my happiness tasks for each day along with a brief description of the task and why I chose it.

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  1. First time I tried cross country skiing I nearly died of laughing. After falling I couldn’t get up withot two people hauling on my arms and lifting me up. Down hill I did the bunny run and decided that me and the bunnies were not having fun. Since then I am happy to watch!

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